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Discussion on: Do you have a standing desk? Which one?

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Suneet Misra

We’ve got two sit/stand desks in our home. A Jarvis with a bamboo, contoured table top, and an IKEA Bekant with the Bekant table top.

We love them both, however there are a few differences that stand out.

The Jarvis tabletop is definitely higher quality (not to say that the Bekant is low quality by any means), available in a wider width 180cm vs the Bekant’s 160cm which really helps with a dual monitor set up) and it has a programmable memory for height selections.

The price difference is another thing to note. For all of the features above, the Jarvis costs almost twice as much as the Bekant.

If I didn’t have a two monitor setup, I’d probably save my money and get a Bekant if I had to buy again.