How I got a full-stack internship as a beginner.

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I still remember the day I got my IELTS and GRE test scores. I got a decent 7.5 in IELTS and 301 in GRE. With these, I was ready to apply to the universities in the US, for masters in CS. Everything was going well, but then IT(The pandemic) happened. As if someone has jinxed it, I had to cancel my plans to pursue a master's degree. Putting me back to square one.

(little background: I am a final year grad student of CS from India and I love dogs.)

I was so disappointed, and the lockdown was not helping my cause. For a couple of weeks, I binge-watched shows on Netflix, to soothe my pain. Slowly I started to accept the reality and immediately started to look for other options. I contacted many friends and was asking for their opinions and suggestions. A friend of mine told me to checkout MERN Bootcamp by Hitesh Choudhary, which was at an incredibly low price of 199 rupees($ 2.60). I quickly bought the course before the sale ended, without any thought about how am I going to do it.
To be honest, back then, web development was never something that amused me. I was so naive to think it was all easy when compared to Machine Learning and Data Science. I was comparing apples and oranges.

The following will give you a measure of how stupid I was. After the purchase of the course, I started to research about the MERN stack(I didn't even know the abbreviation of MERN), what are the possible job opportunities. I was putting the cart in front of the horses.

After a little digging, I found that it was a decent enough choice for the start of my web development journey. At that time, I knew only a little bit of HTML, CSS, and a pinch of JavaScript. I didn't know any frameworks and couldn't even differentiate between server and backend.

With all the naivete and false expectations, I started the course expecting to finish it in 2-3 weeks. I was slowly pacing through the course, thanks to the trainer(who was dumbing things down). Before I know, I became a code monkey. How would I've even realized this? as it felt so cool to have the power in my hands.
Around week 2 everything was going smoothly until I encountered an error and the trainer didn't. I was scared.

I collected myself and started the debugging process. I was so clueless and afraid to even to go through the code base as haven't understood anything clearly. I was only following the trainer.
But then, I made up my mind to understand everything that I've done up to that point and figure out what was causing the error, even if it is going to take a lot of time.
After 2 days of debugging, I finally solved the error. In that moment of euphoria, I realized that I want to do this for my life.

This scenario has taught me an important lesson in development. That is bugs are part of software development and handling, solving bugs will make you a better programmer. I am thankful that I faced that error. After this, I approached the entire course differently, documenting all the stuff I learn and all the errors I faced. Does this mean I happily lived after? no. I also faced many errors later in the course, but this time I dared to debug them and also the ability to find the root of the bug.
My point is don't be scared by the bugs, They are the part of the learning process.

Later on, after a decent understanding of the course, I started applying for internships on Internshala. Since I had some experience with the platform, I know how to get noticed by recruiters. I applied to 40-50 companies, out of which 15 responded. Before I know, I was giving 2 interviews per day and solving many code assignments. This is where I was implementing what I have learned. Amidst this, fortunately after clearing 3 rounds of an interview, a company hired me.

WAIT. That's not it. My journey would be incomplete if I didn't mention the dev community. All of the above was possible only because I was motivated by the work and the people in the industry.
I just didn't pick up some random course and started learning. I picked up a lifestyle. A lifestyle of a developer.
I also consumed a lot of content from the creators in the community. From day 1 I felt like I belonged here. This also helped me deal with my imposter syndrome.
It only makes sense for me to contribute back to the community.

Right then, This was my journey into web development. Please share your journey and highlights in the comments.

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This is amazingly motivating. Your writing was raw, which helped me relate to it.
Keep writing, much love and support! 😁


Thanks alot πŸ˜‡. This my first blog. Hoping to make it one of many 😁


Now I am in the same position.
Applied for Universities and then deferred my admits because of this pandemic.
I have choosen 'zero to mastery: web development' course in udemy.
I completed the course in 30 days and now I am in the job search.
Applied to lot of companies but none are replying.
Can you help me with the strategy that you used to get notified by recruiters?


Sure, bro, I can help you out. But let me tell you one thing. Even I am doing the zero to mastery course side by side my internship and I think only that course will not be enough for you to get a job.
One thing I observed while applying to a lot of companies in Internshala is that companies are looking for someone who at least has done some projects in the latest technologies (React, Node, Express, Angular). I would suggest you build a portfolio that has all the projects you built and deployed.

While applying to companies make your application stand out by mentioning your projects, and type of the work you have done and the most important part is Mention the link where you deployed your project. This will definitely grab the recruiter's notice.
These are the tricks I followed and got a decent number of responses.
Hope this will help you.


Can confirm that this is good advice. As someone looking for interns for our own company right now, this is what I look for as well. Candidates who have hands-on experience with React and Node and some live projects deployed on Heroku, Netlify, etc. always have a higher chance of success. If you don't currently have that kind of experience, spend some time building a few personal projects that you can show proudly. If these personal projects can show some personality while also displaying your mastery over the understanding of the fundamentals like CRUD, you'll be golden.


Thank you very much bro.
I am using the gatsby portfolio developed by others and I mentioned the projects that i did in the course in the portfolio.
Portfolio: saikadiyala.netlify.app
I also mentioned all my details including project links in internshala.

Bro, I just checked your site. Its FE is very nice. Its also loading fast. However, recruiters will want some project where you implement CRUD operations purely, I would suggest you build a basic E-commerce platform, where you implement all the CRUD operations. This is what I have done. Also when recruiters interview you make sure that you present your project to them.

Sure bro and than you very much.


It was an amazing read.
I am on the same path and I must say that your post has strengthen my belief.
But I want some questions::
Q1. Did you prepare for DataStructures And Algo also.
Q.2 Could you please tell the type of questions they asked(I know telling exact question is not possible , but just tell main main part or topics).

It was a delightful reading.

Keep Writing.πŸ‘


Thanks Deepak. Its always good to know someone,somewhere is exactly traveling in the path that we do. Keep hustling man !!
Coming to the questions:

  1. I had a basic understanding of algorithms and data structures, as i was CS grad student. I was by no means expert in them nor have i implemented them somewhere. I believe if you starting just as a beginner, algos and data structures wont impact alot in your interviews (ofcourse its important for the companies like google and facebook). Most of the companies look at what you created and implemented prominently. The side projects matter the most. Companies want to hire someone who can contribute to their existing projects successfully and your prowess over a language is important than algorithms / data structures.
  2. In my 1st round of interview I was given 3 basic programming problems and was allowed to choose any language of my choice. In the 2nd round they increased the difficulty of the problems given in round 1. In the final round they asked me to present my project to them and talk about the technologies i have learnt and used. Different companies have different hiring processes but if you are confident of the language or the framework you learnt, that's what matters them the most. I hope i answered your questions in the right way.

Thanks a lot for replying and clearing out my doubts.


That's amazing πŸ‘
This motivates me a lot.
Even I'm doing MERN course but I'm lagging a bit in JavaScript can you please share what are the code assignments you solved and other tips which really helps me. 😁


Thanks alot bro. πŸ˜‡
Even i felt javascript was a little tricky. I over came this by learning ES-6 features of javascript.
As far as the coding assignments... they were given to me by the companies i applied as a test.
If you want you can do it yourself by creating basic website with CRUD ops. Another one with user auth implementation etc.
I hope this helps.


Thank you very much for your time and response😁


This post has really make me more motive, i have just steped into the field of web developement. I am in a process of learning , after seeing this post i really get more motivated. Now iam getting a clear cut idea what i can do to improvise me. Wish u all sucess.


Thanks alot πŸ˜‡. All the best for your journey. Keep hustling 🀘


Hi @sumukhesh even i am following that course(hitesh choudhary) , did u put that project in your resume and applied for internship. Could you share your portfolio and if possible could you share your email id as well cause i got lot of question. I want to make a career switch badly


Sure lochan. My email is somkeshgati@gmail.com ping me any time.
Coming to the project, i have put it in my resume but i haven't deployed it because i want to add some more functionalities. The recruiter was kind enough to let me present the Project on a Google meet and explain about the things i have worked.
To be honest, i was lucky that my company considered my project with out deployment. Not all companies agree to this. That's why i suggest people to deploy the project and then apply.


I just want to start web development. And ur writing gave a enough boost up for it.

Share ur more experience which would be our guidelines.. Tq. Bro


Thanks alot bro. I'll try to post everything i learn.😊
And all the best for you web development journey bro. Its gonna be a roller coaster ride, dont be disheartened by any issues and try to document your entire journey, it will be fun. Keep learning and creating πŸ˜‡