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3 Habits For Better Life

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The best way to change the future life is to change your daily routine. The habits we keep in our daily life determines our future. The best way to change a bad habits is to replace them with good habits. Like if you spend 2 – 3 hours watching television you can use these 2 – 3 hours in reading books. Like if you spend 1 or 2 hours in gossip with your friends you can use these hours in watching entrepreneurship videos or you listen podcast of successful authors.
The best way to change a habits is to replace them with good ones.

Habit 1 : Listen more than you talk

Success is not final; failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchil

The people who talks a lot are the ones who is silently hated by everyone. The best way to learn from everyone is to keep your mouth shut and earn open. Develop a habit of listening within yourself and always try to see things not just from your point of view but also from other person point of view. The people who keep their mouth shut are the ones who liked by everyone because people think they are listening their stories with full interest. When you are talking you are only repeating what you had already learn but when you are listening you are learning new things from other people. But it does not mean you will start listening your friend gossip. Change your surroundings surround yourself with people are successful than you or you can learn from them by reading their biographies.

Habit 2 : Goal Setting

If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore. – Michele Ruiz
The goals is what turn invisible into visible. The goals is what gives you a reason to wake up early in the morning. The goals is what makes you think outside the box. Living a life without goals is like travelling without destination. Give yourself goals in every field of your life when you have written goals about your dreams you won’t procrastinate. People usually procrastinate when they don’t have clear plans and goals about their dreams and destination.

Habit 3 : Surround Yourself with Positive people

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. - Unknown
Always remember that the people you surround yourself with matters. The people you surround with words you hear or the words you use in your daily life matters. Be clear about what you want how you are going to achieve it. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you whose behavior is better than you and one day you will drift to their direction.

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