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Things to get started as a Web Developer quickly.

Woo.. you are in that part of your life when you want to start learning something new, something that excites you well you are on a good path in your life.
Today we look at how you can get yourself in the Computer Science world and be a web developer. We will be looking at quick steps without wasting any time, so let’s get started.

1. Learn HTML
The basic part of every web page. HyperText Markup Language defines the structure of the web page just like a skeleton in the human body, without this no one can imagine a page.

2. CSS
When you have a nice body you have to make yourself look good, just like that, a website needs styling to make it catchy to the user so that they come back again and again. UI is the most important part of any project, making it look cool makes you cool.

3. JavaScript
A webpage has to function for which it has been made, you have seen when you click on Google’s search button it redirects to another page and shows you some results, when you click login on your Instagram account it opens your feed. In this situation, JavaScript comes into play where you add functionality to your pages.

4. Projects
Stop right here, these were the basics of web development, now It’s time for you to make some projects by using these three. Make your simple clone projects or whatever you like, remember to get a good grasp on JavaScript and CSS.

Later things you can learn are Create pages with API, then you can go further to learn React.JS, A database of your choice, and Node.JS which is very important to create a full-fledged awesome Website.
Thanks for reading, this was the first article I have written. If there’s a mistake please correct me I will surely improve in the future.

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