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Discussion on: Should/can employees ignore the social views of their coworkers and bosses?

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Sumeet Jain (he/him) Author

Part of my struggle with this is reconciling:

  • conventional wisdom about the workplace ("Leave politics and religion at home.") with
  • social media ("Please, broadcast all your thoughts and feelings. P.S. There's a small, nearly hidden button to toggle whether this is shared with only friends and family.") and
  • hiring practices in tech (Beer test. Culture fit. Googling people before interviewing them.) and
  • companies wanting to have a social conscience ("Our company values include...")

Ignoring social views at work seems much, much harder for people from certain groups/communities. So does that suggestion on its own create inequality in the workplace? Because it pushes a greater emotional burden on some employees than others?

Can a company that pushes this suggestion rightly claim that it cares about inclusivity? Workplace wisdom from the 1970s just doesn't seem to apply anymore.

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Kasey Speakman

May be pertinent for you.

Linda Rising - Meeting Resistance and Moving On

The opening makes you think it is political, but ultimately not the main point.