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Discussion on: How to Build a Full Stack NFT Marketplace - V2 (2022)

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Sumeet Chawla

Thank you so much for replying. Yes, I did try it with 1000 matic. But it was still not working. It was a very stupid mistake from my end. Out of the three accounts on metamask, one was actually not imported using the keys generated in the hardhat node command 😅 I used that account's private key to initialise the market contract lol.

I was tearing my hair in trying to figure out why it wasn't working as the code made perfect sense.

Great work though. Looking forward to the next article. :D How to create a yield farm 🙈

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Hi, I too was having this issue and using the hardhat private key worked for me as well. Now my question is how do get this functionality to work with my personal ethereum account?