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Suman Parajuli
Suman Parajuli

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[Intro Heading]

Hi, I am Suman. Always Wanted to know how things work in the tech world. I came up with some youtube resources about hactoberfest 2021. I registered and created 4 vaild pull requests and successfully won the hactoberfest 2021.


Well of course i am new in opensource. I recently got to know about opensource from some youtube videos. I got involved in coding from the past few months and i am currently exploring about different things mainly DSA, WEB D.


Well the process is a bit simple and it's a good initiative for the open source overall growth.


Well I can't provide the projects link. may be if you want to know then you can visit my github profile. I chose some beginner projects so that it will be easy for me to contribute.


Well I learned a lot of things related to github in general. It was my really nice and cool experience. I will definitely participate in the coming years also.

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