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My Very First Blog Post

Hi, I am Suhhee Kim.
I am writing this post as part of my course called OSD600 at Seneca college. This is a course to learn about how to develop code on open source projects. The reason why I took this course is that I met difficulties last year with participating in one of the open-source projects uploaded on Github with my friend. At that time we were not familiar with what is open source and how to develop open-source. Hence, we quitted it after two weeks. And when I try to enroll in the courses for this semester, I saw that there is a course about open source. So, I took it to know more deeply about open source and participate in some open source projects.

Open source is one of the things that attracts me since started to learn to program. When we are young, parents and teachers are teaching the students that Do not fight with friends, you need to collaborate with them. However, all the quizzes, exams, and even debates have the ones who are good at and not good at it. People are always comparing themselves with each other. But when I heard about open source, it sounds like this is the one I really want to do with people. They are helping and collaborate with each other to develop the same goal. That part really attracted me to participate in Open source.

Currently, I am in Toronto. I am working as Web tester and attending courses in school. After this term, I want to be a person who can participate in open source projects whatever makes me interesting.
I want to participate in open source projects such as web programming or mobile games. I was researching the trending GitHub repo that makes me interesting. I forked some of the git repos. let me share one of the repositories.

First, one is called "grapesJs", this is an open-source web builder framework that lets people develop a website without doing the coding. I forked this repository. This is because one of the communities that I am involved in needed to develop a website, but, I could not do it because I was so busy with my other projects. Hence, they needed to find a website builder which is really easy to find and well designed. There was one site that fits all the parts they want, but, they needed to pay a lot to use that premium functions. I think this open source project might help people to develop a better website without coding.

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