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After peer testing and review _ Lab01

This time I had difficulties with finding a partner for this release. I tried to find a partner on slack to exchange codes and review each other's codes. And I found one to work together. However, the one who promised to review my code is disappear and did not read my messages. So, I found another partner. He was also Korean like me!

My partner was using C# and I know C# but am not an expert of the language and I didn't have C# on my personal laptop. So, it took some time to download tools for C# on visual studio, review, and run his code. It surprised me because compare to Node.js what I used, there are lots of folders to run a simple program.

I am a person who feels so shy to get code reviews from my friends. After he reviewed my code, I was quite surprised by his feedback. There is some part that I didn't notice that is a defect but it was a defect and it fails my program. For my program, there was a problem that My code does not accept the files with spaces. ( Also, there was some problem reading the whole file in a folder. (

And as I also reviewed my partner's codes. I found some issues, such as all the text file information goes into one "h1" tag, not into "p" tags.(, The same Style sheet is included in the head tag twice() and files in the dist folder are not deleted before creating new HTML.()

After both of us reviewed each other's code. I revied his issues on my codes and try to fix them. I was able to fix both of the issues by just adding a few more lines.
With this testing and reviewing process, I think it is quite an important process in creating a program. Because one person can find all the issues that exist in the program. Especially, if the program is written by themselves. I think I will keep this procedure for my future codes and programs to make it better.

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