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Quentin Sonrel
Quentin Sonrel

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Microsoft buying GitHub: Am I being naive ?

No need to tell you how much I've read about this these days, but despite all that I keep thinking that it probably won't change anything. I mean, it would not be the first time that a big company buys a popular "independent" smaller company and that nothing, besides ownership, really changes (in a drastic way).

So, am I just being naive ? Or is it realistic to think that there will be no huge impact on GitHub ?

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Ben Halpern

I agree. Likely nobody will notice, and if things change it will probably be for the better because GitHub will now get more resources to focus on the grassroots stuff, as opposed to needing to build up their enterprise stuff as a standalone biz.

That being said, it's complicated.

GitHub used to operate on more "neutral ground". They themselves didn't have a product other than the tools they were providing. That is not at all the case anymore as they are now part of a company that sells personal computers, cloud computing, professional networking, video games, game streaming, and on and on and on. They are now a tool for selling Azure in a lot of ways. Even though things won't change much tomorrow or the next days, there are reasons to be diametrically opposed to this consolidation. There are also some open source fundamentalists who already felt like they were giving in a lot to be part of the machine with GitHub alone. Microsoft really just makes that ask even bigger for some—even if the company has evolved recently.

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Quentin Sonrel Author

Well, I do get why some people are against this, especially from the open source point of view, and I agree in some measure (I'm not MS biggest fan anyway) but the whole "GitHub is done, let's move everything to GitLab" (or similar speech) seems a bit overkill to me, at least for the time being.

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Dave Cridland

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