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Discussion on: My manager made a quite stupid mistake

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Quentin Sonrel Author

Thanks for the reply Stephen!

This is a good opportunity for my company too and they would like to get the mission too, but it's a big company and they can place me on other missions, so it's not a big loss for them if they miss it.

Is there a chance that he overpriced it because that's the only way it's affordable for your consultancy

Unfortunately not, it's not overpriced because we need it, it's overpriced because my manager simply calculated the cost without taking into account the limit. Actually, the price my manager proposed is only barely above what's required, it could've been brought down, but was send as is and it is now too late to change the offer... that's what makes it so frustrating.

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Stephen Griffiths

I see, I see. Well I can understand your reaction! Here's hoping there's a happy resolution to this story. Keep us informed :)