Discussion on: The Definite Guide to Pick the Correct Music While Working

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Quentin Sonrel

Awesome article!

Small thing I'd like to add though: for people listening to a lot music (meaning: often and for long periods of time), do prefer a headset to headphones.

Long story short, headphones sound isolation is poor, making you increase the volume. In-ear headphones are even worse because they increase pressure in the ear.

Also, prefer a headset that encompasses your whole ear, that's more comfortable on the long run and it also provide a better isolation.

My last advice would be to go for a wireless headset (like a bluetooth one), these are quite affordable today and, again, if you use it for long periods of time, not having a cable is a true relief.

Take care of your ears and earing :)

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Periklis Gkolias Author

Totally agree. Wireless has some cons for me, but it is really handy.

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