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We have been staying at home for almost a year and we see people coming up with topics like Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Embedded Systems, many more….

Have we ever realized how the newbies will react to this?
Absolutely yes, these fields are fascinating by their name itself, but are the basic definitions clear to the enthusiasts who are just stepping into technology? There’s a zeal to explore as well as a fear that hold us back sometimes. Coming to why I wrote this………….(don’t be so serious)……..because I wanted to write it, pretty simple (hehe…).
Here I am to write a bit about Internet of Things (IoT). I promise not to go for the complicated components here, as I said newbies are stepping into technology. Am going to keep it simple to get an idea.

What is IoT?
Well we use computational intelligence to improve functioning…..oh wait, I again went through the tough definition. So simply its device plus internet plus smart functioning. You got a device, you programmed it the way you want….and its smarter now.
Let’s take an example of refrigerator:
We can make our boring refrigerator tell us, when to order food when we are low on stock, give us the food price trend, provide us our consumption info.
This sort of refrigerator is IoT based. It is well enhanced and network based.
Simple barcode is now a RFID tag (Radio Frequency Identification).
So IoT generally works on special purposes.

What are the trends adopted for IoT?
Cost of hardware has decreased, hardware size and weight have changed, computational speed has increased, etc.
IoT is powerful. We can interface it with cloud. Networking is one of the things that help it in handling large databases. So can we say its present everywhere? Yes, of course it is. Let’s go for a TV, home automation, motion sensors, car, cameras, cell phones and what not, they can listen to our commands and work upon it.
Let’s be a bit lazy and see how these stuffs work. They make things easy for us, when the whole world was at a halt due to the pandemic, it was the virtual platform which helped us make our tasks easier.

But do only the benefits matter. Are we forgetting that it also has our information access? Here is where the question arises about risks and security.
Think of a day when there is network outage or blackouts. Or let’s take our relations….won’t we get isolated if we completely rely on the devices to carry out stuffs.
Privacy comes through the way around. May it be access of location, purchases, data used by various agencies, cloud storage, decryption of encrypted data……… aren’t these all a side to look at.
It all depends on us how we use the IoT device.

Keep in mind:
You can change your default password at times(this is the first thing everyone does whenever they face any technical issue), control the device’s connection with internet, check for your remote accesses, prevent outbound communications, monitor all devices on your network, turn off your auxiliary services when not required.
With all these things we prefer IoT. Because of its functioning, how smartly it works and how we feel relaxed that our tasks are done without getting up.

IoT is not just Internet of Things but from my point of view it’s a sort of indigenous technology.
Hope I didn’t disappoint you all. As I said I won’t go into the technical stuff so rapidly. Here was an overall view of IoT.

Its just a start for a new beginning.

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