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JavaScript: In one sentence

sublimegeek profile image Jonathan Irvin ・1 min read

That feeling when you download Home Depot to use a wrench.


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Alain Van Hout

That's not JavaScript, that's npm :).


seanwcom profile image

Haha, that's awesome... especially working in an environment where our corporate imaged Windows laptops have multiple file scanning monitoring agents installed. 'npm init' leads to hours of decreased performance waiting on thousands of node_modules files to be scanned. /sigh

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Roger K.

That's the best one! I totally agree with it. So funny to see that graphic again.

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Roger K.

That's like 80%+ of websites IMO; like how many websites actually need to WordPress or an Angular implementation. I know tons of websites that never get updates and yet they use WordPress, which is so so slow, can requires expensive hosting and constant maintenance. Or look how much RAM Android has started to use, yet 3 years ago it was flying in 1.5gigs. Now my 4gigs is just enough to get through the day? Why? Overbuilt!

It's brutal!

All of software is overbuilt.... Hehehe just saying ;)