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Git Anti-patterns

Git has ENORMOUS flexibility. It can sometimes (always) be intimidating. So much so, there are countless articles on "this is better than THAT". Don't worry, this won't be one of those articles.

I'm here to air out some dirty laundry. You know, the anti-patterns. The stuff that makes us cringe. The cautionary tales.

The Uncreative

  • Same Commit Message, Different Day
fb14c9 updates
1fcf56 updates
0e2506 updates
970bc6 updates
ae3aaf updates
2e3aa6 updates
e62616 updates
d5a520 updates
c3a77d updates
b9fba4 updates
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The Deal With It Later

  • Branches for DAYS, weeks, ...months...years? Too Many Branches

The Silo

84 years since you pulled down develop

One Commit To Rule Them All

  • You keep force pushing the same commit with different changes

wait you guys make unique commits

Squashing is for posers

  • Don't like squashing your commits
fb14c9 it works
1fcf56 trying something else
0e2506 fixes
970bc6 reply to pr
ae3aaf it doesn't work
2e3aa6 it works again
e62616 something is broken
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andrewharpin profile image
Andrew Harpin

Spaghetti merge trees when they don't know how to use rebase-fast forward