Discussion on: Not Dev, not Ops, what are we?

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My team does everything up to a paas service. All our dev/ops, monitoring etc.

The way we work it is that our team has some local experts on various topics like APM. Our company has a team of experts that are a resource to product teams.

Devs just have to learn new stuff, and a couple of them take the initiative to read a book or two etc to guide team decisions. They are the mini architects who also understand the product needs. Our team has individuals who are the go to for database arch, APM, ci/cd, etc. (not the same person! And often two people l oval experts per tech), but we're all responsible for deciding on and implementing solutions. This means we all have a decent knowledge of the subject and we all get to justify learning one or two big skill sets (8 devs, so some of us are the go to for multiple things).

The external group of experts handles things like supporting and educating teams by holding training and being available for questions. That also handle selecting tech when it makes sense to license a product for use across multiple teams. If that is the case they may also handle ops and infra for the shared tooling