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Feli (she/her) for Studio M - Song

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Upcoming events in May

Upcoming meetups, user groups, workshops and conferences

Usually I share events (which crossing my way) with my colleagues by post them in our slack channel. This week I asked them how they prefer to receive the events and the answer was - via email. From now on I will sent around events on a monthly basis to them. One of my colleagues asked, why not share them at as well, so here we go.
Sharing is Caring ❤️

CoC => Code of Conduct

Missing events?

Share missing events at the comments. Please add the date, the name and link, optional a description, the language and if the event has a Code of Conduct.

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This May 21st at 18:10 CET* I will be presenting on the Munich Accessibility Meetup
“Accessible tools in times of COVID-19” (or How can the disability community help you in times of a crisis?)
*To check time zone, you can add to G-Calendar | iCal - download .ics or use world time buddy for free.

This event is part of the GAAD Global accessibility Awareness Day and there will be a lot of remote events worldwide for free.

Date Time Event Title Lang Captions CoC
21. May 17:50 CET Munich Accessibility Meetup GAAD 2020 EN & translation subtitles ✔️
21. May All day GAAD Global accessibility Awareness Day Multilanguage ? depends on event
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Deniz Temizer

Love the column with CoC 🙏

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Feli (she/her)

Thx :)