Integrating Dynamic Like Count to Gatsby Blog Site

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Hey, I recently finished creating a blog website using Gatsby and GraphCMS and deploying it using Netlify.

I need help in integrating a feature similar to Medium's clap.

I will need to store, subscribe and update the blog’s like count.


  1. On every build store and initialize a new blog with like count zero.
  2. On the blog page add the feature to update blog like count.
  3. On the blog page subscribe to blog like count.
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Take a look at Kyle Shevlin’s blog. He did this with a fun beard icon as an homage to this his finely groomed beard.

Screenshot of Kyle Shevlin’s sure

I can’t find the source code for his site on GitHub, so maybe send him a Tweet.


I asked him on Twitter. He might chime in here.

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