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The BEST website & domain monitoring tool just launched with a great UX!

Hi everyone 👋

I'm new to the devto community, so thought I'd introduce myself quickly!

I'm a front-end web developer and have been developing web applications for the past 5 years and recently wanted to build a brand new website & domain expiry checker tool that can:

  • Monitor your domain's expiry date
  • Check your SSL certificate expiry
  • Keep a track on your website's uptime status

I've always wanted to build one of these products, and have recently been able to thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why do we need another website monitoring tool product?


Great question, I was thinking the same...

There's many on the market, from the likes of:

These are great tools, I've used them, and they've got a LOT of features, and I wanted to try to build one of these tools, and build it better...

Going back to the drawing board, and simply providing exactly what you need.

A simple tool for monitoring domain expiry dates and website uptime.

Nothing more, yet ;)

I think I've done a great job, and since I've recently launched it, I'd like to get some feedback on what I've done since that's the only way it can be better...

I need your feedback!

We only learn and improve products by getting feedback, and that's exactly what I'm asking you for.

I'm not trying to advertise this product, so when you get 5 minutes, feel free to head over to my site and take a look

Here's a link:

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