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Databunker - a new vault project

Today, I'm really excited to share the #opensource project we've been working on at for a while – Databunker🚀🚀🚀!

Databunker is a special secure vault for customer records. It is easy to integrate with the existing code. And it matches the needs of privacy by design compliance.

It can be easily integrated with existing #CRMs, #email marketing services, #e-commerce web-sites, #HR systems and #Node.js applications.

It allows following:

  1. Seamless encryption of customer data. You can easily lookup user records by the field: email, phone, token, custom index without exposing customer PII/data in clear text.

  2. Automatic privacy compliance in accordance with GDPR / CPRA requirements.

  3. To provide secure storage for personal data.

Developing a new project? Want to target European customers? Look no further! Our product solves compliance in the most cost-effective way:

We would really appreciate your reviews and will be happy to assist with any questions by mail:

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