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The fck. Framework - What Is This?

What's with the title? Oh, does that read rude? If so, I apologize, because I was not wise from the start.

BTW, in this journal, I just want to tell you how this (which you don't know yet) came to my mind.

The Street

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It has changed my perspective and way of thinking a lot, which has then influenced many aspects of my life (not to confide in), especially unconventional thought patterns, being a bit pushy, narcissistic, and appearing effeminate.

Yes! I am a freestyler with diction that is less educational and sometimes reprehensible (for most people), but not for people who understand the character and of course have the same character (this is a lie! They are too idealistic and that's not me). In this journal, I don't want to seem like I want a confession, because I can admit it myself. So thank you for asking (even though you said it silently).


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It is a long process to achieve comfort. Comfortable is the most uncomfortable word when I feel comfortable. Because it contains poison that can kill my creativity as a freestyle artist. Even though I am now in a relationship with my young wife1, I still have a good relationship with my first wife2.

When the new house3 that we promised was implemented, it turned out that many things changed easily and too quickly and were very inefficient. Sometimes these new things give the impression of FOMO and are painful4.

1. JavaScript
2. PHP
3. You know what I mean
4. same as number 3

First Wife

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We separated but not forever because at that time we both had unique desires and wanted to live them each.

From this first paragraph, I am portrayed as a jerk. Yes, go ahead, I can understand that because the story isn't finished yet.

In previous stories I have never told the truth; I separated from my first wife when she was pregnant and I often visited her to give the best to our child.

After a long time we were separated and our child was about to be born, our parents said; there will be a miracle that will come for you and that is very impressive.

Home Furnishings

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Ah! Really, this makes me a little annoyed. I don't know why every time there are so many unnecessary knick-knacks she (second wife) chooses and arranges at home. What annoys me is that she (second wife) often buys new things without knowing their function and needs.

There are some items that only last 1 week or even only used once and pile up until they are neglected! And it's annoying!

When the house was arranged well, even though it was not finished perfectly according to the checklist, a new trend came and she (second wife) started looking at it and bringing it into the house, then discussing it with me with occasional heated debates.

Second wife

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There are many stories about how second wives are in society. Honestly, I have to admit that almost 80% of them are right. Often we forget how we used to fight to achieve what we want, however, most of the time after what we want is achieved, we forget what and how we can fight for it.

The main thing is; that I started to feel less comfortable with her (second wife). Maybe because I'm too old to follow it, my energy is drained. However, it doesn't seem like it's me; because I'm too handsome for that.

This story is the background for me to create a new framework for reassembling broken memories, longing, and love which ultimately made me realize how important it is to understand history and forgive our past to build the future.

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