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Introducing Strapi Community Forum

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Today we will be launching the new Strapi Community forum that has been under development for the past few weeks. As a previous member of the community myself and listening to all the suggestions, it was clear we needed a central area to talk, ask questions, and discuss all about Strapi and our wonderful ecosystem.

Initially, we wanted to try out the new GitHub Discussions beta, however, after spending a few weeks with it we determined it didn’t quite fit the needs of the Strapi community (many of you expressed you didn’t even know it was there). And thus in parallel with that testing, we began prototyping different solutions, and after many suggestions from all of you, we decided on using Discourse.

This new forum will become the central point of the community (don’t worry our Slack will still be there, though we will be doing some cleanup). Over the next few months, we will begin migrating some of the more popular discussions started on GitHub and Slack and will begin asking users to post their questions on the forums instead. We will be playing it by ear at the start of 2021 before we decommission the GitHub Discussions entirely, and for those of you with open discussions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to have your discussion moved over to the forum.

The community forum will provide several key benefits to both you in the community, our customers, and to us on the Strapi team. Our primary reason was to provide you with excellent community support, not just us from the core team but also from key members of the community that has spent the past few years helping of their own accord. We also wanted to make it easier for newcomers to find the information they are looking for, sometimes it can be difficult to search around for the answers especially when those answers aren’t in a place you can search easily. As our community Slack is using a free plan, we are only able to keep up to 10,000 messages, after which we lose access to those messages, our hope is that we can guide everyone to our forums and thus making it easier to ask, answer, and find the information you are looking for.

We, on the core team, do want to clarify that bug reporting and feature requests will still be handled by our GitHub Issues and Product Board respectively, however, the forum will be the hub for questions, discussions, showing off your project, and letting people know about your custom plugin, middleware, extension, or tweak.

As the Strapi community grows, the platforms we choose need to be able to grow with us and we certainly feel that our choice of self-hosting our own Discourse forum will fit that role perfectly. We look forward to reading your feedback and please feel free to let us know if you think we can improve our implementation.

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Ivan Jeremic

When Strapi gets an official Membership/subscription/ecommerce plugin and Strapi starts a hosting/cloud service I'm all in, but for now I can't do much with it only play around...