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Foodadvisor Updates February 2021

That's it, we are in the middle of winter, it is very cold and the restaurants are unfortunately still closed. But that will not prevent our great Live demo from receiving updates!
Here is what was added in the last version of Foodadvisor

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Universal pages

Daniel Madalitso Phiri added the implementation of a new very useful collection type to the project: Universals But what is that for?
Well, it simply allows you to create pages on the fly directly in the admin panel. You just need to structure your frontend appropriately so that you just have to create your pages afterwards! Allowing content managers to create pages on the fly is a must have for any headless cms. This is why it is important to show that it is quite feasible and easy!

Indeed we use this collection type internally on our website and it turns out to be very useful when we want to quickly deploy new pages on it. Pair that with a Webhook building your favorite Nuxt.js, Gatsby or Next.js frontend on Vercel and you are good to go!

Gif rocket

The following pages are universals on our website:

Upgrade Strapi version to 3.4.6

The version of Strapi has been upgraded to the latest to this date.
More information here:

Guided Tour

We wanted to implement a guided tour to take you by the hand at the start of the demo. Relatively simple and fast it will show you the important parts of the admin allowing you to create your content-types and subsequently your content.

We are using reactour, and we have made a guided-tour plugin in the app. You can see how it works here:
Feel free to give it a try or event contribute to it ;)

Front-end on Codesandbox

When you'll ask for a live demo here, you'll receive an email with the link of your Strapi instance. We also included a codesandbox link that will open a front-end that can be connected to your demo.

Once the front-end is open on codesandbox, you'll need to add an environment variable in the .env file to connect it to your Strapi instance.

  • Open the .env file.
  • Save.

Capture d’écran 2021-02-11 à 18.50.42.png

If you add a new restaurant for example, you'll be able to see it on your sandbox after reloading your app!

What you would like to see

We definitely take feedback regarding our live demo. You can write down in the comments what you would like to have in the demo, what you liked if you were able to try it or what you did not like.
See you at the next update!

Try Foodadvisor live in just a few clicks:
Try Foodadvisor locally on your machine: git clone

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