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Announcing the first StrapiConf Speakers and website

Today we are thrilled to announce the first round of speakers for StrapiConf (virtual) on April 22nd, 2021. We have received over 40 excellent submissions and want to thank everyone who took the time to submit proposals. You have not made it easy for the review committee to choose what talks to accept and decline. In fact, after carefully reviewing all of the amazing use cases, Strapi tips, and Jamstack best practices that you have submitted, we have decided to add a 3rd track to accommodate more sessions and lightning talks from the community.

The first track called “Adopt” showcases a variety of use cases from companies using Strapi at scale, in production. The second track named “Build” includes best practices for customizing and extending Strapi’s core capabilities. The third track called “Integrate” covers the use of Strapi together with other JAMstack technologies and platforms such as Headless Commerce, Search, Authentification, Hosting and Monitoring.

Meet our amazing StrapiConf Speakers!

This conference will include content for everyone and a lot of great sessions to choose from. We are delighted to welcome our first confirmed speakers for the conference. Follow #StrapiConf and stay tuned as we continue to announce new speakers!

Track 1 (Adopt)

track adopt.jpg

Track 2 (Build)

track 2.jpg

Track 3 (Integrate)


Meet our awesome StrapiConf sponsors

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While the conference is virtual, you will still have the opportunity to stop by virtual sponsor booths and meet with our awesome sponsors to discover and discuss how their products work and integrate with Strapi. A huge thanks and shout out to the 10+ sponsors from all over the world who are contributing to making StrapiConf a success.

Interested in sponsoring StrapiConf? Check out our sponsorship prospectus for more details.

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