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Strapi Market: the official plugin marketplace is live

Our vision is to enable every Strapi user to extend and customize their application using plugins and integrations with other tools. The new Design System and Plugin API introduced with Strapi v4, enable all Strapi users to easily build the plugin they need or install the plugins available in the ecosystem.

Naturally, we want to showcase all of the work done by the plugin creators and let all Strapi users quickly find the plugin they need. The marketplace is the answer.

Introducing Strapi Market: the official marketplace

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Strapi Market is the official marketplace, listing the plugins created by the Strapi team, technology and solution partners, as well as individual community members. It is a new bridge between Strapi users and contributors who are part of the vibrant open-source Strapi ecosystem. Strapi Market is also putting the spotlight on every plugin creator to make sure they get the recognition they deserve and showcase their work. It's an inclusive space and home to each community-made extension.

At the moment, the marketplace lists plugins that integrate Strapi with other tools, such as Sentry, Mux, Moesif, as well as the plugins that extend the Strapi features, such as SEO, content versioning, comments moderation, navigation, database configuration, sitemap and more.

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"Video is increasingly becoming a critical piece of every online experience, even when video isn't a company's core product offering. The Mux plugin for Strapi enables developers to seamlessly create unique video experiences without worrying about becoming video engineering experts," said Eric Elia, Head of Partnerships at Mux. "Partnering with Strapi enables us to provide even more developers, producers, and publishers with the power to integrate impactful video experiences into their content, and we're looking forward to seeing the innovative ways Strapi users bring video to life."

"The Sentry plugin helps you see the errors that matter in your Strapi app and provides the additional context needed to identify the source of the problem and quickly solve it." said Yuri Bukhan, Vice President of Business Development at Sentry. "We're thrilled to collaborate with Strapi to make it easier for Strapi developers to monitor the health of their applications."

Every Strapi user can browse the list of available Strapi plugins and find the one they need. To ensure the quality of the listed plugins, we defined guidelines for plugins submitted to the marketplace and set up a review process. The ones that have been reviewed are marked with a ✅ sign.

Every plugin creator can showcase their work and get recognition by sharing the plugins with the community. To get listed on the marketplace, submit your plugin by following the official process. Your plugin will be shown on the marketplace in 1-2 working days.

Agencies and solution partners can now build projects faster by creating plugins that will automate their work and facilitate integrations with other services.

  • "Following the release of Strapi v4, we were able to quickly develop a versioning plugin as part of a customer project,"* said Ondřej Janošík, CEO, Notum Technologies. "As part of the Strapi Market, we're thrilled to share some of our Strapi expertise with the broader open source community."

"By leveraging the new plugin API, ready to use design system and flexible architecture available in Strapi v4, we were able to develop a powerful comments moderation feature in no time" said Mateusz Ziarko, Head of Engineering at VirtusLab "We are happy to contribute back to the broader open source community by making these plugins available for free on the Strapi Market"

What's next?

To let users access all the necessary plugins directly through the admin panel, we're planning to integrate the marketplace within the CMS in the upcoming weeks.

Next, we'll perk up the web marketplace. We'll improve the navigation by adding the search, filters, categories and status of the plugin. Apart from that, we're going to add providers to the marketplace.

With Strapi Market, we can unlock a tremendous amount of value for the whole Strapi ecosystem, providing high-quality plugins and outstanding feature coverage. To provide the best experience for both developer and content teams, a CMS should be well-integrated with other tools and as extensible as possible to match any use case perfectly.

In addition to being the most customizable CMS, Strapi will soon become the most integrated and extensible one. We also want to recognize all plugin creators by showcasing their work and boosting the power of open source.

How to request a plugin?

Let the Strapi team and the contributors know what plugins you'd love to have next! Add your ideas on this board, upvote the existing ideas and add your insights. Your feedback helps us prioritize and meet your expectations.

How to create a plugin?

To build a plugin, please follow the official documentation. To create the interface of your plugin, use the ready-made components in the UI Kit and the Strapi Design System. To get listed on the Strapi Market, submit your plugin following the official guidelines.

What happens to v3 plugins?

The v3 plugins will be listed on the marketplace as well. You can see the version compatibility on the npm page of the plugin. However, we encourage you to migrate all plugins to the v4, as we will only support v3 until September 2022.

Here are the resources to help you migrate the plugin from v3 to v4:

Let's chat about the Strapi Market

Strapi Market Party.png

Today, during the community call, we will dive deeper into the future of the Strapi Market, answer your questions about plugin development and migration, and share what Strapi features are coming next. Bring questions and buckle in!

We're waiting for you on February 9th, 5PM CET / 8AM PDT.

Register here and we'll send you a reminder when the call starts.

New to Strapi? Give it a try!

To create a new Strapi project, simply run the following command:

npx create-strapi-app my-project --quickstart

Follow the Quick Start Guide for detailed step-by-step instructions or have a look at a video instruction:

We'd love to hear what you think

Strapi is an open-source product that grows a lot thanks to the community. Your feedback helps us improve and move forward. Please share what you think about the marketplace in this forum thread, report any bugs you find and share what features you'd like to see on the public roadmap.

We appreciate every contribution, PR, and kind word. Thank you for being a part of the Strapi Community 💜

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