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Strapi Market: the in-app plugin marketplace is live

Good news for all Strapi users: now you don’t need to spend too much time to find the necessary plugin. The official plugin marketplace is now available directly in the application. No more tab-switching: just click on the “Marketplace‘ icon in the menu, use the search bar to find the plugin you need, and install it by running a simple command in a terminal.

strapi market in app

Should you use the web or an in-app marketplace? Your call! The web and in-app marketplaces are listing exactly the same plugins, that’s why your convenience is the best criteria for the choice. Please note, that the in-app marketplace is only available for Strapi v4 and newer versions. You can find v3 plugins on the web marketplace.

At the moment, you can find plugins that integrate Strapi with other tools, such as Sentry, Mux, Moesif, as well as the plugins that extend Strapi's features, such as SEO, content versioning, comments moderation, navigation, database configuration, sitemap, and more.

Plugin creators can now showcase their work even more, since their plugins are accessible directly in the app. We want to provide a maximum of visibility and recognition to every person, team and enterprise that contribute to Strapi 💜 Plugin creators can also submit their plugins directly from the in-app marketplace.

Find more details about the release on Github and share what you think about the in-app marketplace on the Strapi Forum!

What’s next?

Next in line, we are going to add providers to Strapi Market, to make sure you have everything you need to expand your app in the same place.

How to get my plugin listed on the Strapi Market?

To get listed on the web and in-app marketplaces, submit your plugin by following the official process. Your plugin will be shown on the marketplace in 1-2 working days.

How to create a plugin?

Please follow the official plugin creation documentation, and use the ready-made components in the UI Kit and the Strapi Design System to develop a plugin easily.

How to request a plugin?

Let us know what plugins you'd love to see on the Strapi Market! Add your ideas here, upvote the existing ones and add your insights. Your feedback helps us and all plugin creators in the community choose what to work on and meet your expectations.

New to Strapi? Give it a try!

Strapi is free and easy to use, give it a try! To create a new Strapi project, simply run the following command:

npx create-strapi-app my-project --quickstart

Follow the Quick Start Guide for detailed step-by-step instructions or have a look at the Get Started video instructions.

You can also use a demo project to test the content editing experience. Just fill out the form and you'll receive a link with access.

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