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Strapi Localization made easy with Localazy Plugin

Manage your multilingual content with ease with Localazy plugin available in the Strapi Market.

Author: Jakub Dubec

About this plugin

The localization plugin by Localazy is here to help everyone make their Strapi websites multilingual. Why? There are over 4B people online behind language barriers, and over 75% of the world population does not speak English at all. With Localazy and Strapi, you can break these language barriers and unleash multilingual content!

What is Localazy?

Localazy is a next-gen localization platform enabling everyone to translate their project easily. And just like Strapi, Localazy can save developers a lot of time while giving them the freedom to use their favorite tools and frameworks. Localazy supports over 60 different integrations and is praised for its user-friendly interface and stellar customer support. You can learn more about the platform on the Localazy website.


How does the plugin work?

Install the plugin from the Strapi Marketplace to get started. If you can spare a few minutes, watch the video walkthrough to get familiar with the plugin, but basically, it works like this:

  1. Sign up & Upload your content to Localazy.
  2. Translate your content with machine translation assistance, or let the Localazy Continuous Localization Team translate your content for you. You can also quickly pre-translate everything in bulk or invite your team of translators.
  3. Download translated content back to Strapi and feel the seamless experience of multilingual content management.

If you are new to i18n, we recommend you read this article on the Strapi Blog: How Major Frontend Libraries Handle i18n. You can also read a comprehensive tutorial on how to start using the plugin on the Localazy Blog: Introducing the Strapi localization plugin by Localazy.

Why should you translate your website?

Improving the language support of your website gives you an unfair advantage over the competition. Localizing only your digital product's interface is insufficient if the marketing parts remain available only in English.

A typical use case would be our customer Rouvy - the realistic indoor cycling app. A year ago, the guys at Rouvy asked us if we could help them build a localization workflow for their app. Later, they added the docs and website to the mix to grow faster and even helped us with the first iteration of the Strapi localization plugin that is now available for everyone.

Rouvy now uses Localazy for continuous localization into multiple languages on an ongoing basis. All they needed to shorten their language release cycles to days instead of months and forget about the localization hassle was to install the Strapi localization plugin by Localazy & order our continuous professional translation services.

Now you can do the same - manage multilingual content with your team or completely offload it to Localazy and never manage translators again.

Why did we build the plugin?

As a SaaS marketer myself, I know how important it is to translate apps and the whole communication surrounding the product. However, as I said earlier, it is not enough to translate your app - you also need to speak with your audience, ideally provide support in those languages, and much more.

Achieving the very first translation iteration is just the beginning. Your product and content constantly evolve and change, and handling translations in spreadsheets and micro-managing everything quickly becomes tedious. That's why we built Localazy: to take the stress out of localization forever.

We initially started with the support of various translation file formats, programming languages, and frameworks. Our focus has since shifted to finding great synergies with other software platforms, and Strapi is our giant leap into content management systems as a pioneer of the current integration level we focus on which is 3rd party apps and platforms.

How does the localization plugin work under the hood?

The plugin connects to the core i18n plugin of your Strapi v4 project by following i18n implementation and best practices in Strapi. It lets you sign in with your Localazy account via OAuth and connect your projects. Once your connection is set up, the plugin can fetch all content types and fields with localization enabled and transfer them to Localazy based on your setup of collections/fields for transfer.

With a single click, the plugin allows you to upload your source content to Localazy, and once you translate something, the plugin can download the translations back into your Strapi project with another click. The plugin also automatically creates human-readable keys for source strings during upload.


The plugin automatically adds new languages to your project when you download the translations and creates or updates localized content in supported languages when translations are available. Generally speaking, the Localazy plugin for Strapi makes localization of your content a seamless experience.

What's next on the roadmap?

Strapi users can use the plugin via the user interface in Strapi. Still, we have already started to work on adding support for programmatic Upload to Localazy / Download to Strapi so you can automate the process, set up a scheduled task, or download new translations based on a webhook.

We also want to add support for Strapi projects that already have some translations because now you can only upload source content to Localazy.

We are looking forward to hearing more feedback from our users. If you have any improvement suggestions, let us know!

How can others contribute?

Our community goal is to help make the whole Strapi CMS user interface multilingual as an open source. Others can contribute to this ambition. We support all the languages you can imagine, so it is on the Strapi repository maintainers which languages they do allow in the future.

Help us translate Strapi to all world languages.

All Strapi plugin developers who have their plugins on the Strapi Market can create their accounts at Localazy & get their plugins translated - we will provide them with free professional accounts or 50% discounts on higher plans; all they need is to integrate with Localazy and contact us via support providing us with proof they are Strapi plugin developers. We will gladly promote their plugins on our blog as well, effectively promoting their work to our Strapi interested audience.

Not a Strapi plugin developer? We have something for you as well!

You can use the "LOVESTRAPI" coupon to get 51% off your new Localazy plan. That's a limited celebration deal you won't find elsewhere, and you are welcome to give Localazy a try, dear Strapi users! Localize your content and succeed globally with a power duo of Strapi & Localazy.

We would love to contribute financially as a token of appreciation for welcoming us into the Strapi community. Every user using this registration link will pass 20% of the Localazy revenue from their subscription to the Strapi Open Source community.

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