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Strapi Community Org Announces First Web Dev Competition

The Strapi Community Organization is thrilled to announce its first-ever web development competition! This competition is open to all web developers, and it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills and potentially win some great prizes. So, grab a coffee and get started because the competition is now open for submissions!

What is the Strapi Community Organization?

The Strapi Community Organization is an independent, decentralized community in partnership with outstanding community members who provide value to Strapi users by creating well-maintained plugins, integrations, and tooling.

This dedicated GitHub organization already includes popular repositories such as the awesome-strapi repository, Dockerize, to add docker support for a Strapi Project or strapi-plugin-rest-cache.

First Web Development Competition

This competition is open to anyone interested in honing their web development skills. Participants will be asked to create a web application using any technology they choose. Although the website doesn't need to be production-ready, participants must present a concept version of what this website could look like and a static design ready to be built upon. The winner's website will win up to USD$500 and will be used to host community information and marketplace plugins.

The competition will run for the entire month until February 28th, 2022, at midnight, and one week later will be announced.


A valid submission should contain all the requirements and components described below, either on a single page or multiple pages.

  • Build the website in any front-end framework or just plain HTML
  • Use any CSS framework, or build it from scratch
  • The website must be responsive
  • Create a file with instructions on how to run the app.
  • The design must be aligned with the Strapi Design System, at least in terms of colors
  • The website should contain at least the following elements:
    • Navigation/menu
    • A hero component to showcase featured content and click through with a button
    • A card to show clickable content in a grid
    • Basic form elements (input, checkbox, radio's, textarea, button)
      • An example form using the form elements
    • Typography styling (h1, h2, h3, p, a)
    • Footer component

Page implementation

The home page

This page should have at least a hero component that functions as a call-to-action to click through to another page. And the rest of the page should showcase the strapi-community. The rest of the page you can build it however you want.

The about page

This page will include what strapi-community is and how they work. The content of this page could be "lorem ipsum" since it is expected just the template to fill.

The bounty page

The strapi-community will offer bounties for certain plugins built for Strapi. If a person can build and ship one of the plugins listed, they will receive the bounty. This submission page will be added as well.


It is not required to include dynamic data on the website. Hardcoding is perfectly acceptable. However, we would love to see a dynamic page that fetches all the repos from the @strapi-community org and displays them in a grid of cards on its own page. This is not a mandatory aspect of the competition, but it would certainly be a great addition.


  1. $500 First prize
  2. $300 Second prize
  3. $200 Third prize

The winner will forever be mentioned in the readme of this repo as the winner of this competition and as the person who made the initial efforts to build the Strapi Community website.

Participation and winners announcement

To participate in the competition, you will need to fork the website repository provided by the Strapi Community Organization and submit a pull request (PR) with your submission.

Once the Organization decides on a winner, they will merge the winning PR and implement it on the website. The winner will be announced in about 7-10 days.

If you have questions, you can reach them on Discord on the channel #com-org-hangout.


This competition is a great way for web developers to show off their skills and get recognition for their hard work. Not only that, but it's also an opportunity for participants to learn, create powerful web applications and contribute to the Strapi Community Organization. So if you're looking for a way to challenge yourself and build something awesome, this competition is for you!

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