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New Community Plugin: API Monitoring and Observability

With requests to APIs accounting for over 80% of the Internet’s traffic, monitoring and having insights into the APIs we provide to the public and even internally has never been more crucial.

Treblle is a platform that is positioned to be seen as the Google Analytics for APIs and with this plugin, Strapi users have access to all the features of Treblle for the REST API they are exposing to their users.

About this Plugin

The Treblle plugin allows Strapi users to use Treblle - a lightweight SDK that helps engineering and product teams build, ship, and maintain REST-based APIs faster.

With this plugin, Strapi users will have access to all the features of Treblle for the REST APIs that are being exposed. These features include:

And more new features that will be launched soon.

Why We Built it?

Treblle Plugin

Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS, with many users exposing their CMS content over the provided Strapi REST API.

Treblle was created to ensure that folks shipping or exposing REST APIs can monitor requests to their APIs in real-time, track API performance, and collaborate in the evolution of said APIs.

With this plugin, the leading open-source headless CMS - Strapi - now seamlessly integrates with the mission control for REST APIs - Treblle.

How it Works Under the Hood

The Treblle plugin works by exposing a Strapi plugin middleware that sends the requests and responses from the Strapi REST API to the Treblle dashboard.

// config/middlewares.js
module.exports = [
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To get started, you will need to create a FREE account on Treblle, create a new project for your Strapi API on your Treblle Dashboard, obtain your Treblle API Key and Project ID on your Treblle Dashboard, and follow the setup instructions of the Treblle plugin.

What’s Next?

This plugin works as seamlessly as possible but expects more improvements, like the integration experience improvements with this Plugin and the Strapi Admin panel. You can keep an eye on the issues of this plugin on GitHub.

How to Contribute?

The Treblle plugin is completely open-source, so anyone is welcome to contribute. You can contribute in any of the following ways:

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