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Introducing Bronze Plan, New Hosted Trials and Starter Library

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These last few months have been super exciting for Strapi. In May, we introduced the first stable version of Strapi, followed along in July with the Admin Roles and Permissions, available with 3 default roles in the Community Edition of Strapi and with unlimited custom roles in Strapi Enterprise Edition (EE currently in public beta).

It has been amazing to see customers using it at scale, and we are very grateful for all the feedback we have received from the Strapi community of users and customers.

Introducing the Bronze plan

Based on the insights received over the last 3 months, we are now making changes to the plans and pricing of Strapi Enterprise Edition. One comment we consistently get is that there should be a more accessible plan for startups. There’s a big gap between the Free Community plan and the Silver plan and most startups can’t afford to pay $299/month for their Content Management System. The reason why the Silver plan is priced at $299 / month is that it also includes unlimited Technical Support. However, we realize that companies that need the Role-Based Access Control feature with custom roles should be able to purchase it without support. We’ve heard this feedback loud and clear, and since our mission is to empower millions of projects, we’re excited to introduce our new Bronze pricing plan for Strapi Enterprise Edition (EE)!

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The Bronze plan now includes 30 custom roles for a discounted price of $29. It should be sufficient for the vast majority of the Strapi community's use cases. Each custom role you create in your project will be able to have specific access at a field level of granularity.
This new Strapi EE offering will enable more users to discover and benefit from advanced features available in the Enterprise Edition.

Along with the new Bronze plan, we’re also excited to introduce a 30-day free trial option for both the Bronze and Silver plan, allowing you to take Strapi EE for a spin with real data on your own servers.

New live demo

For those of you who are just getting started and still need to learn about the features that Strapi provides out of the box, we now have a brand new and optimized hosted trial experience. Launch a Strapi project with sample data in seconds without having to install anything on your machine!
Request instantaneous access to a dedicated Strapi instance (available for 24 hours) that you can modify at your convenience. Each trial environment provides a Strapi admin panel based on our demo application called Foodadvisor.

Starter Library

Last but not least, we are also super happy to help you get started with Strapi using our Starter Library. Choose any of the starters currently available to get started with a blog, a corporate website, an an e-commerce application, or a portfolio. All the latest frontend frameworks are used, from React to Angular, but also Vue.js and Static Site Generators such as Gatsby, Next.js, or Nuxt.js.

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This new Getting started experience not only defines the Content Modelling that fits a variety of use cases it also bundles Strapi with the most popular frontend frameworks to give you all the benefits and none of the downsides of Headless CMS.


Our vision is to make Strapi and Content Management accessible to everyone. This new Starter Library is one reason to use Strapi for your next project. The new pricing is also designed to make Strapi Enterprise Edition accessible to all while keeping costs reasonable for smaller teams. With this added flexibility, we hope there’s a plan that will work for your team!

Feel free to contact us in the comments below, email us just to say hi, hop in the new Getting Started, or learn more about the Enterprise Edition Plans.

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