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Difference Between Strapi v3 and v4, what changed, and why?

​There have been many questions about the changes, and we answered them here.

Recently we had a live stream where Paul, Developer Advocate, and Aurélien Georget, CPO and Co-founder at Strapi, discussed last week what were the main motivations around releasing v4, the reasons behind breaking changes like GraphQL, dive into the granularity in the API response and the features that will be supported, v4 improvements and more.

Watch the full live stream here:

A new live stream is coming up: Creating Business Websites With Remix and Strapi

In September, we will go live with Gustavo from, where they help non-technical founders create successful startups. They will share how recently migrated one of their customers from WordPress to use modern web development technologies, which include Strapi and Remix.

Make sure to register and join us!

Try the latest version of Strapi!

To create a new Strapi project, simply run the following command:

npx create-strapi-app my-project --quickstart

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Follow the Quick Start Guide for detailed step-by-step instructions or have a look at a video instruction:

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