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Data transfer, audit logs improvements and more in Strapi v4.7

Another month, another release! We’re excited to announce new features that improve the developer experience and security compliance of Strapi users.

Data Transfer

A month ago, we released the highly awaited Data Export & Import feature, which allows you to backup & restore your Strapi project data without acting manually and directly into the database.

We're excited to announce that it's now possible to easily move data from one project to another. No need to deal with databases!

Data Transfer solves the complexity of managing data across multiple environments of a Strapi project or between two Strapi projects. It allows you to easily manage the deployment of a project by syncing data from one environment to the other. It will also simplify the deployment on the upcoming Strapi Cloud, allowing you to move data from a local environment to the Cloud.

To transfer data between two projects or environments, you need to go to the admin panel settings, get transfer tokens from the destination project, run the following command in the source project folder and put both tokens in the interactive prompt:

yarn run strapi transfer --to <admin_url_of_the_destination_project>

Please have a look at the documentation for detailed instructions.

Strapi is the only open-source headless content management system that offers data transfer capabilities. We strive to improve the developer experience and facilitate data management. In the short term, we'll add the possibility to pull data from a project through a ---from option.

We'd love to hear what you think about this update - let us know on the Forum, Discord or Twitter.

Audit logs improvements

Audit logs allow you to track, review and report the access or changes made in sensitive data. This feature was released as a part of v4.6 and is available only for Strapi Enterprise customers.

We've enhanced the audit logs feature to make it more powerful, granular and intuitive. 

Here are the new audit log functionalities: 

  • Find the necessary log using filters - choose the action, date or user as your filter criteria.

  • Share a particular audit log - each audit log now has a specific URL that you can share with other team members. It facilitates communication and helps to identify problems faster.

  • Easily navigate the payload - the audit log detail element is now scrollable and easy to navigate with a keyboard.

audit logs filters.gif

In addition to these updates, we also reduced the clutter in the logs by removing the records which were not linked to actions performed by Strapi admin users. We also renamed the table containing the records from audit_logs to strapi_audit_logs, allowing customers who use a custom audit logs feature to migrate to the official one.

With these updates, the audit logs system becomes even more advanced, allowing you to track any security issues and fully comply with regulatory requirements. Learn more about Strapi Enterprise Edition to see more details on how to include audit logs in your project.

New plugins on Strapi Market

The Strapi marketplace now lists more than 100 plugins, providers and custom fields. We thank all community members for contributing their work, allowing other Strapi users to easily extend their app.

 Here are the new plugins, available on the Strapi Market: 

  • Open AI - an official Strapi plugin that allows you to create Open AI completion from a prompt.

  • Filter button custom field - a custom field for Strapi that lets you add a filter button in no time.

  • Nova Publisher - a flexible and generic plugin for triggering publications on multiple instances and hosting.

  • Encryptable Field - this custom field encrypts the value on create and update, and decrypts on fetch.

  • Uploader - easily manage your videos and integrate them in your project

Get your plugin or provider listed on the Strapi Market and showcase your work to more than 20,000 monthly visitors. Here are all the resources you need to create and promote a plugin or provider and the submission form for listing it on the marketplace.

Join the monthly Community Call

Meet the Strapi team members who worked on the latest feature, share your feedback, ask questions, and learn what's coming next.  

Join us on March 2nd, 5PM CET / 8AM PST.

Try Strapi v4.7 out now

To create a new Strapi v4.7 project, simply run the following command:

npx create-strapi-app my-project --quickstart

Follow the Quick Start Guide for detailed step-by-step instructions or have a look at a video instruction.

We would love to hear what you think about the new features! Let us know in this forum thread. 

Other updates: 

  • Data export & import fixes and performance improvements in v4.6.1

  • Relations and component reordering, data export & import, audit logs in Strapi v4.6

  • Marketplace enhancements and relations in main layout in Strapi v4.5

Building Strapi together

Strapi is an open-source product that grows thanks to community support and contributions.

Here's how you can help us improve the product:

We appreciate each contribution and piece of feedback that you share. Stay tuned for more updates!

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