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LAMP on docker-compose app -> to a Kubernetes SAAS

Studies of economics, studies of business engineering, autodidact programmer, maker of the CYBR CUITE (CYSU) remote Scrum Application (LAMP on docker / docker-compose)
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Hello, community!
The CYSU remote Scrum application is up and running - but a SAAS for students and kids who nowadays have to work from home in locally distributed projects is what I thought might be a great chance and win-win-win... situation.
A) the kids get a solution that explains how communication actually works
B) they can learn how to do Scrum in a remote team
C) learn how to write and how to read requirements (starting from standards for describing the context, the goals, the customer's needs and the team-mates desires and how we meet these needs and address their desires...)
D) decouple their living-place from the places in the world where the jobs are created (today)

For some insights about my work:
... starting with an intro about the technologies I used to build the app - and showing how the fundamental scrum-process looks like (from a Product Owner's perspective) when using the CYBR-SUITE (CYSU) remote Scrum application.
... I am giving some hints, how we can then use the communication & collaboration data for adding machine-learning capabilities ... will be one of my next projects...

Just drop me a line if you want to participate!

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