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we3-login for Meteor in beta

So, after a few weeks of tinkering and few days of concentrated work, the freedombase:web3-login package for Meteor is in a state that I would term as Beta.

This follows after the initial build which I did on a livestream, back in April.

Since then the package has been updated to work better, more efficiently (one less roundtrip between server and client) and I have added verification and confirmation function.

I have also integrated it with the bozhao:link-accounts package to allow for easier integration into existing apps.

So what are the next steps?

First as always more testing. Take the package for a test drive and let me know if there are any issues. I'm getting conflicting reports about loading of certain packages as I'm trying a bit of an experimental method by detecting what is really needed. So this will probably require a bit of a tweaking to get right.

Once that is done any additional functionality will have to be added. I think that I have it tied down for now, but I'm just a beginner in this area, so I might easily be mistaken.

Finally expanding functionality to cover more wallet providers from web3-modal will be the final goal.

So what do you thing?

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