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Storyblok React SDK now supports React Server Components πŸŽ‰

What's new?

This is not another minor release: We added React Server Components support to Storyblok's React SDK. Now, you can integrate Storyblok into your apps created with any version of Next.js, as well as the latest version of React and other React based frameworks like Remix.

  • Boost the performance of your new websites with full support for React Server Components and Next.js 13 App Router.
  • Visual Editor Live Editing is in place - keep getting instant feedback on website changes.
  • Enjoy the best in class DX with our new StoryblokStory and StoryblokBridge components for Next.js 13.
  • Leverage the performance gains of server-components-only websites with our optional "Full RSC mode".
  • New tests, re-modeled Readme, and new code samples to make it a breeze for you to start over.

You can now implement Storyblok for both Pages and App Router. Depending on how much logic you want to keep on the server, React SDK offers different approaches to enable the editing experience inside Storyblok's Visual Editor.

We’re confident that the new Storyblok React SDK 2.1.0 with full RSC support will help you build the next generation of dynamic, high-performance web applications.

Try it now ⚑️

Wait no more and have it running with Next.js 13 in 5 minutes, step by step. Read the tutorial here.

Want to go straight to the arena? Clone this minimal project and start playing.
Note: just ensure to replace your space token, set https and so on (the guide above explains it well).

You can read all the details on how to use the React SDK on your projects in the readme.

Words of appreciation

Special thanks to Arisa, Alex, and Chakit for investigating and experimenting the different approaches and coming up with flexible solutions.

Psst - little secret for you 🀫

Storyblok Gatsby SDK will soon adopt RSC support from Storyblok React SDK for full Gatsby 5 support (Partial Hydration, etc).

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