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Storyblok Gatsby SDK is free from axios✨

Image descriptionHappy new year! After the new year and holiday season, our Gatsby SDK (gatsby-source-storyblok) has now removed axios🎉

You can enjoy much lighter gatsby-source-storyblok as we removed 16.4 KB according to BundlePhobia.

To enjoy this benefit, install (gatsby-source-storyblok) newly or update it into v5.0.0.

We won't stop telling you another good news from this release. Our Gastsby SDK has Fetch API support.

You don't need to install extra isomorphic-fetch into your Storyblok & Gatsby applications.

You can enjoy using our Gatsby SDK regardless of having lower than Node 16 or higher.

Here is the documentation with more technical perspective and capabilities.

Gatsby SDK capabilities:

Also, if you want to learn how to integrate Storyblok into your Gatsby project, you can follow our 5 minutes guide from Ultimate Tutorial series to implementing Gatsby with Storyblok.

Special thanks to Alex Jover and Facundo Giuliani for giving me many new knowledge.

We'd love to hear your experience and feedback. Feel free to share with us how's your experience with our SDKs and we're open to hear your ideas to keep improving our SDKs.

Happy coding!

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