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Stupion - app idea generator

Hello, I've made a generator of ridiculous (funny) ideas for apps. When I have extra time, I can often do a side projects. What's always a problem to me are ideas, I always spend a lot of time to find some simple, cool ideas that I can start to develop without much thought. I often try different technologies in this process, so I always kind of miss the idea of new projects.

That's how Stupion was born.

The idea behind this project is to have funny, (sometimes stupid) ideas to develop. Ideas are ranked according to the number of likes, those with the highest number are at the beginning of the list.

In the future, I have various ideas about how to turn this into a small community of people who would develop new apps on different technologies and help those who are just starting to learn programming.

If you have ideas for new applications or ideas you plan to develop, I invite you to share yours on this link: Stupion

Thank you all, keep on coding :-)

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Logan Johnson

This is the website you never knew you needed. :) Definitely bookmarking!

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