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5 types of fonts

There are many different types of fonts available, each with their own unique style and purpose.

Here are five common types of fonts:

  1. Serif Fonts - Serif fonts have small lines or "feet" at the ends of each letter. These fonts are often used in print materials, such as books and newspapers, because they are easy to read.

    1. Playifair
    2. Source Serif Pro
    3. Garamond
    4. Noto serif
    5. PT Serif
    6. Merriweather
  2. Sans-Serif Fonts - Sans-serif fonts do not have the small lines at the ends of each letter. They are often used for digital materials, such as websites and presentations, because they are easy to read on screens.

    1. Inter
    2. SF Pro
    3. Roboto
    4. Source sans pro
    5. General sans
    6. Supreme
  3. Script Fonts - Script fonts mimic handwriting and are often used for invitations, greeting cards, and other formal documents. They can be difficult to read in large blocks of text, so they are typically used sparingly.

    1. Figma hand
    2. Caveat
    3. Pacifico
    4. Great vibes
    5. Dancing script
    6. Satisfy
  4. Display Fonts - Display fonts are designed to be eye-catching and attention-grabbing. They are often used for headlines, posters, and logos.

    1. Lobster
    2. Bangers
    3. Shrikhand
    4. Monoton
    5. Rametto one
    6. Knewave
  5. Monospace Fonts - Monospace fonts have the same width for every letter, which makes them useful for coding and programming. Each character takes up the same amount of space, which makes it easier to read code and ensure that everything lines up correctly.

    1. IBM Plex Mono
    2. Roboto Mono
    3. Andale Mono
    4. PT Mono
    5. Ubutnu MOno
    6. Jetbrains Mono


In the diverse world of design, fonts play a vital role in shaping how we perceive and interact with written content. Each type of font brings its own personality and purpose to the table, allowing designers to evoke emotions, enhance readability, and capture attention in unique ways.

Whether it's the timeless elegance of serif fonts, the modern clarity of sans-serif fonts, the handcrafted charm of script fonts, the bold statements of display fonts, or the precision of monospace fonts, the choices are limitless. Your selection of fonts can transform a piece of text into an expressive masterpiece.

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