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re: "Not enough people built their stuff to support Linux." correction "Not enough people -that build for MacOS or Windows- built their stuff to suppor...

And about support, yes, nobody will "support" you, Linux users will just help you to support yourself

Tell that to average user who plays computer games, browses on the Web and generally uses PC for very simple things without understanding terminal, package managers, desktop environments and so on. Linux has come a long way, but it's still oriented mainly towards geeks. And average user in most cases doesn't care about the customization.


I kinda agree, my mother and sister use Linux and they have no clue about computers, I installed to my mother and my sister installed hers on her own, you don't need to be a "nerd" I would also argue is more of a nerd thing than a geek thing; they use Firefox, Libreoffice, watch movies and play music and that's it. For them is perfect, no viruses (they exist on Linux but if they manage to be dangerous, usually don't because they can't, have a shelf life of days because the vuln that enable them will promptly patched), no imposed updates, no registration and they don't need a USD2.000 PC. And after about 2 yrs runs like the first day, not sluggish at all, no reinstall needed. Of course if you want to explore and get the full potential, of course nerd away. But is not required.

Even games are running more and more and, by the way, the average user doesn't play games, my mother and sister are closer to an average user browser+office+media is the avg user.

Of course, as I said Linux has come a long way and it's not that it's too hard for average user (there are many user-friendly distros like Ubuntu, Mint, elementaryOS and so on), but the reality is that most users don't like changes and they rather stay with preinstalled systems. I hope that situation will change and that we'll see more people moving to Linux.

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