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Share your views on development in 2019

Hi there! I've just joined the community and am looking forward to contributing some thoughts on coding with graph databases and AI. But that's for next week :o)

Today, I just wanted to do a quick shoutout for SlashData, a company that I work with from time to time (we recently published a book on how to market to developers ... clue: don't patronise or hype). In the spirit of that message, I promise that I won't be pushing many of this kind of post onto DEV, but I did want to share this survey before it closes.

You may have come across SlashData before. They are an analysis company that tracks global software developer trends via regular, large scale developer surveys.

Those answering the surveys provide data for research that help the top technology firms understand who developers are, what tools are they using and where theyβ€˜re going next.

SlashData have just launched the 16th edition of our Developer Economics Survey. For everyone that takes the survey SlashData donates to a charity. This month, they're aiming to donate $2,000 to help get more kids into software development.

If you're interested in sharing your views on software development, or know someone who may be, please check out the survey here.

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