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How To Prepare For The Coding Interview? Tips For Freshers!

Do you want to crack the coding interviews like a pro? The only thing that will help you in cracking the coding interview is your mastery over coding topics. It requires you to get good grades in your college/university. Practise at home by solving as many coders as needed and you will be prepared for the real world. It could also vary from person to person so, follow these tips and master the concept! Learn how to face an interview with confidence & ace it!

Pick your most comfortable programming language

If you're going to interview for a coding job, the first thing you should do is learn one of the languages. You shouldn't pick a language randomly or just because somebody else suggested it. You should choose a language that you're familiar with and confident in. Most companies will let you code in any language, but Google is different—their coders have to use C++, Python, Java, Go, or JavaScript.

Brush up on your computer science basics

If you're just starting out in computer science, brush up on your basics! Review college notes, read textbooks, and work on algorithm problems. Learn even the most basic things like splitting strings and reading inputs.

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Prepare the questions about data structure and algorithms

Data structures and algorithms are two main topics in computer science. If you are pursuing a degree in computer science, you will probably have studied and learned about data structures and algorithms. But basic data structure and algorithm questions are not likely to be asked in the coding interview although practising these can ease out the process of solving complex questions.
Under data structure you must be well versed in the following concepts:

  • Arrays
  • Stack
  • Trees ( Binary tree, Binary search tree, heap)
  • Link list
  • Queue
  • Graphs (DFS, BFS)

Under algorithm you must be well was of the following topics

  • Dynamic programming
  • Recursion and backtracking
  • Divide and conquer

Prepare the questions about Multithreading And Concurrency

In the software industry, multithreading and concurrency concepts like multithreading and concurrency are used to hire senior-level employees. A candidate would be asked to write many complex codes and two or more tasks are simultaneous to be performed that requires a high level of understanding about coding and its process.
Common questions under this topics are :

  • Asynchronous and parallel difference
  • Binary and mutex difference
  • Race Condition
  • Threading safe
  • Starvation

Read about Object-Oriented design interview questions

Object-oriented and system-oriented interviews have become very important in the hiring process for software engineers. In particular, system design interviews can determine whether a candidate is qualified for a senior role. The purpose of the system-oriented design interview is to test your knowledge about scalable services like how the database is shared, how the load is balanced in web servers, and how large files are stored.
Following types of object/design-oriented questions are commonly asked :

  • Parking lot
  • Movie ticket booking system
  • ATM programming
  • Airline/Hotel management system
  • Online stock brokerage system
  • Designing any social network

Find the best interview resources and read books

These books will help you to crack tech interviews easily:

  • Programming interview tips by John Mongan.
  • Cracking the coding interview by Gayle Laakmann Mcdowell
  • The algorithm design manual by Steven S Skiena

I would like to share these websites that highly recommended to practice a recent and huge collection of coding questions:

  • Geeks for geeks
  • Leet code
  • Hackerrank
  • Code chef
  • Codify

When I was giving an interview for an android developer, I found a very good resource for Android Interview Questions on this link.

Good command in SQL

Many coding tests require you to store and manage data, whether it be the data of your app or user data. Your app should be integrated with a database system so that you can manage this data.

Understanding of Material Design Guidelines

All app software engineers must be familiar with Material Design language guidelines. These guidelines cover all essential elements in apps (colours, shades, transitions, element placement, etc.) Otherwise, the app may not be approved for publication on Google Play.

Final Thoughts

Coding plays a vital role in securing you a high ticket software tech job in the industry. Whether you need to get placed as an entry-level fresher or want to scale up your career, you will grow very first in the organisation if you have a coding background.

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