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Joining the IndieWeb with Webmentions and Microformats

I’ve finally spent some time setting up Webmentions and adding some Microformats formatting to this site!

These technologies have been around for quite a while but it’s taken me a handful of attempts (and a whole lot of help) to understand them enough to actually move forward. I’ve tried occasionally to wrap my mind around them but I kept getting confused about what to do and would give up for a while. I feel a little better admitting these troubles when I see folks I consider among the best in the industry – like Chris Coyier and Miriam Suzanne – having similar tough times with it.


Rather than rehashing all the details of getting my setup working, I think it’s better to list all the resources that helped me understand and/or integrate Webmentions here. Perhaps it’ll help you on your path to understanding and integrating them into your sites too.

IndieWeb & Personal Blogging

Thoughts from others on this topic that really helped me understand and get excited about putting some time into implementation.

Tutorials & How-tos

Documentation & Services

  • IndieWeb – specifically IndieWeb Webmention for an intro on what they are and how to implement
  • Microformats a simple way to markup structured information in HTML
  • – a hosted service created to easily receive webmentions on any web page
  • Bridgy – connects your web site to social media

Great Examples I’ve Referenced

Work in Progress

There’s still more that I want to do with this, I’d love to find a good/automated way to capture syndication links for example. But I’m happy enough with what I’ve built so far to launch it and try to iterate over time. Check it out at the bottom of blog posts on my site!

What opinion, tutorial, or other reference would you add to this list? I’d love to hear about it so I can continue to learn more about this fascinating topic. I’ll try to keep this list updated over time as I discover more great resources too. Thanks for reading!

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