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Discussion on: Is the Tailwind approach a big step forward for CSS or just-yet-another-thing?

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Steve Belovarich • Edited

Just another thing. Get your responsive class names out of my HTML! If you have to declare your template with metadata, fine this could be an alright approach, but otherwise keep all responsiveness in CSS. The mental model to understand how Tailwind class names effect styling is too difficult, especially when they are chained. It is not difficult to wrangle media queries. All the bloat to the HTML will add up in complex layouts.

My favorite CSS framework of all time is bourbon. Bourbon was just another thing too. Bourbon is just a bunch of utility SCSS mixins, which abstracted our CSS nicely and meant we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel for most things. Progress has made Bourbon somewhat obsolete over time. I’d like to see more of that: preprocessor frameworks coming up with abstractions around common tasks.