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Wondering if anyone is for a union for people in technology?


I'm in favor of having unions and would love to see the tech industry move to having them as long as they work to making work environments more inclusive and equitable for marginalized folks.

Thank you for writing this up and creating space for discussion!


Idk what is up with the comments here, wildly discouraging. We've got Thatcherites...anti-tax folks....my fave euro dude who thinks jumping straight to socialism (which he doesn't have...in the first place...because democratic socialism != socialism...) is more viable than talking about unions, not realizing that 1. socialism is a Bad Word in the US, 2. socialism won't come about without the working + middle classes connecting on labor issues...
Also 'anti-pattern' guy lmao....

I love the idea of unionizing but uh look at this mess lol y i k e s


There is a lot of disinformation out there about any organization who wants to challenge the status quo. 🤷‍♂️

That and it reeks of "I got mine"-ism. Still no responses to your point of how do we as a collective empower marginalized/oppressed people in the industry.

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