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re: No thanks. As long as the union is voluntary and not something forced on the individual, I can't say I'd be opposed to it, but let's not introduce ...

The chances people take right now are far worse in my opinion than the relative job safety that can come with a labor union. I would rather pay union dues if that meant someone were watching out for me when things go bad and if it created more relative equality in the workforce. That sounds rather romantic, I know. I would still remain skeptical of a labor union, however it may be better than what we've got now. I don't think we can rely on corporations or the government to look out for our best interests most of the time. Don't you think if people working in tech were to start a union, they could possibly come up with a better solution than the bureaucratic mess you describe? I do.


As long as it's a voluntary relationship, I really don't care. I'm just saying collectives like this historically don't do well, unless they form a political relationship, which to be honest, I'm not interested in.

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