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I released a thing I've been working on for months!

Readymade is a microlibrary for developing Web Components with TypeScript.



That's pretty cool! I've been going the other direction with WC's when I have time in the evenings — that is creating separate CSS, JS and HTML files and having RollUp do all the work behinds the scenes. I'm sort of enjoying not working with a framework.

Going to have to play with your lib for one of my experiments. Thanks for your work! I'm excited for another way to do them. :)


I wanted the css to be inline with the component, so I made this to at least post process the css with postcss.


Nice. tagged templates are pretty awesome, though I'd never seen them until I played with lit-element. More ways to produce WC's is a great thing.

I really like the css-tied-to-component idea (in WC's and other frameworks), just don't enjoy writing CSS or HTML in JS. Probably silly of me, but I got RollUp to inline the separate CSS & HTML files in a template literal inside the final JS bundle without much fuss. Never could make webpack do it.


Much Angular. When does a library stop being vanilla, this is a question that bothers me often. Good job though, sorry for the philosophy!


Is Readymade vanilla? I’d like to think it’s mint chocolate chip.

I'm down for chic chips but I rarely like mint in ice-cream. 🍨

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