re: What is that one tool/stack/framework that you have no interest with despite the popularity? VIEW POST

re: I've always had an aversion to Angular. There's three reasons for this. Following the naming scheme debacle, I've always been really confused abo...
  1. Huh? There’s a styleguide. Naming things is easy! Just run ng generate and it’s named for you!

  2. That’s just your opinion, man.

  3. Angular prefers unidirectional data flow.

Angular community is so welcoming. I suggest you give it another look.

  1. No, I was referring to releases. I.e. Angular V1, Angular V2.
  2. Yes, it is, but my opinion is an important factor in the decisions that I make for myself :)
  3. I did not know this...in this case, I stand educated :)
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