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The internet has become the vernacular. IMHO someone should always be creating in the space that is used by people in everyday life. Art is not just for the artist, art is for the people as well.


And they can and again, nobody is stopping to be creative unless it affects others.

Also, there is a difference between creativity and to act on your own volition.

For example, one of my colleagues was "creative". He wrote code like this one:


where the pony is a variable that means a customer. Why he called it "pony", because he is creative. But it was stupid and it affected the clarity of the code but again, he was creative.

In this case, he wasn't creative but he tried to push his vision!. Anyways, he was forced to rewrite all the code. Teamwork > individuality.

And for another part, I worked with the guys of marketing. Marketing is a creative job and trusts me, it is not fun!. But again, marketing is not about to put your vision but to put something with a specific aesthetic and meaning.

I also find a "creative" guy on marketing, he tried to put his vision and style on some job. He was fired in a week.

We can agree on one thing. There is a clear difference between someone being creative and someone being an egotistical jackass. They don't have to be one in the same. A creative person can still be a "team player".

I don't think this is a prime example of creativity in our industry. In any case, creativity pushes the boundaries and does illicit reactions. You can certainly have an opinion one way or another. Take Apple for example. They have pushed creative designs for hardware again and again. Love 'em or hate 'em. Some people have even commented the computers look like they "belong in a museum". Mac computers are also highly useable for the vast majority. Hell, they even invented an entire market segment with the iPhone. Apple doesn't seem to be hurting because of this, they have money in the bank to spare. Taking a risk can return huge rewards.

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