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Thank you Erika for the thoughtful article!

From a design perspective I think this is very interesting considering the switch from Photoshop (open ended tool) to Sketch (specialized tool). Sketch and applications that proceed it like InVision have toolkits that make it easy to duplicate Material Design components. I heard the same argument over and over again from designers that Photoshop wasn't intended for web design, it's a multitool that is mostly useful for photography. So here comes a tool tailored for the process of designing software. In Sketch the workflow is based on symbols, objects the designer stamps throughout the layout. This has the effect of creating consistency throughout the implementation of the design system, but it also allows designers to easily pick up symbols from existing design systems like Material Design and reuse them. In a sense, web design is having a "Helvetica" moment where UI is becoming easily readable, clean and minimal. On the other hand everything looks the same and we loose that creative edge that once defined each web site you visited, however crude it may have been in the Web 1.0 days.

P.S. I'll volunteer and take some risks ✋.

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