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re: I've taken into account to buy a new Macbook Pro but Apple is just too expensive and does practices that I disagree with. They've dropped the specs...

If your 2015 MBP only has 269 cycles then you probably leave it plugged in way too much. The batteries are designed to be cycled repeatedly and that combined with a periodic conditioning help extend the life of the battery.

The latest MBP are definitely an upgrade from 2015 IMHO. Thunderbolt 3 alone is awesome. I don’t share the same concerns others do about the ports. I will undoubtably be investing in a dock and some dongles. It’s no big deal.

Which practices do you disagree with in particular? Apple computers have always been priced at a premium, so the price tag should be no surprise. IMHO Apple does far more in response to privacy concerns than other manufacturers and is way less vulnerable to malware and other forms of attacks.


According to iStats I still have about 78% battery capacity and I can still get a decent 4-5 hours of battery time. I don't care about ports either, most of my devices have an USB port and I'll probably need a hub.

Since I don't live in the US I don't have any access to Apple care and the $2,399.00 model MPB is priced at $2,942.83 in my country.

I don't like the CULT Apple is trying to make, I don't think they're doing anything else than other companies in response to privacy concerns, they're just playing a PR game. Also, I don't think macOS is less vulnerable than other systems, this is just the illusion Apple is trying to project, see here: cvedetails.com/top-50-products.php

Here's a video that highlights the Apple practices that I disagree with: youtube.com/watch?v=LrILfIE9IB4

The main thing that makes Apple less vulnerable to malicious attacks is market share. They do go a long way to protect biometric data at the very least and supply security updates at regular velocity. Unlike Windows, the user base tends to stay up to date with the latest OS.

It’s kinda ridiculous to infer just because I use a Mac I am in a cult. You could say the same for Google fans and Microsoft.

BTW my battery was in the same state and it required service. Yours could be a ticking time bomb waiting to fail.

Less market share doesn't make a product less vulnerable. All operating systems that I've used macOS, Ubuntu and Windows delivered daily updates, my latest Windows update was done two days ago.

I didn't say that you're in a cult. Apple is trying to create this image of themselves that they're the best company there is by brainwashing their customers. You don't see people defending Lenovo, Microsoft or Dell that ferociously.

I'm ready to replace my Macbook at any moment if it fails. The only problem I had with it was a screen backlight issue, which fixed itself overnight

Actually, yes it does. Macs are much less likely to be on the receiving end of a malware attack, however exploits are definitely possible. Attacks mostly happen by phishing these days anyways, which involves email or phone. If you stick mainly to downloading apps from the App Store, your computer will never be infected.

I didn't say Ubuntu and Windows don't deliver updates. I said users of Windows systems are less likely to update. Why do we have to support legacy versions of IE if this wasn't true? Microsoft even doesn't recommend anything below IE11 but there are still lots of systems out there running old versions of IE.

Accusing a company of brainwashing sounds like a conspiracy theory. Sorry I just don't agree.

"If you stick mainly to downloading apps from the App Store, your computer will never be infected." That's a bold statement, it happened before it may happen again.

Many big corporations use Windows as their main operating system, most of the internal websites only support IE. I worked for a company which had over 200000 employees. I don't know how many of those employees worked in the R&D department but in those departments the security policies were very strict, you had to request every piece of software and IT will install it for you. Development sometimes was done on local virtual machines running Ubuntu, they were also secured and you didn't have sudo access except for mounting and installing packages.
All internal websites were designed so that they worked with IE. If I wanted to go on holiday I had to access the HR application which worked only in IE.

My guess is that there are a lot of legacy applications in the corporate world and migrating them from IE compatibility to something else is hard and costly.

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